Care, Guidance & Support

The level of care, guidance and support for pupils at St Andrew’s is something we take very seriously. Our main focus is to create a culture in which all pupils believe in themselves and are motivated to do their very best. We also have a successful range of intervention programmes to provide extra support if needed.

Mrs Austin (Learning Mentor):

“As Learning Mentor in school, I undertake lots of different roles including helping to manage the out of school clubs. I enjoy taking circle time with different classes every week when we discuss our feelings, how to be a good citizen and British Values. In addition to working in class, I work with many outside agencies in the community such as the school nursing team, Lancashire School Attendance Support team and support workers from our nominated children’s centre, Fairfield. I am also available in school for parents to contact if they have concerns about their child’s behaviour or any matters that may affect their child’s attendance or being settled in school. I have links with the local library and work with staff there to encourage all our children to be members there and be readers for life.”

Vicar at Immanuel Church:

“It is a privilege being able to support St Andrew’s and their staff through the many changes that take place in education. As a Foundation Governor, I have responsibility for supporting and maintaining the Christian ethos of the school, as well as helping develop links with the local Church.

Our children are unique individuals each with their own special strengths and qualities. I enjoy leading Collective Worship each week at school as this allows a greater dialogue with the children and I never cease to be amazed at their spiritual depth and perception.”


“The pupils’ good progress in personal development reflects the school’s strong emphasis on moral and social values. Pupils respond to its clear rules and this has a positive impact on their attitudes to learning and their achievement. Pupils feel safe and confident and know what is expected of them within the school’s calm and supportive atmosphere. They respond by behaving well. The pupils’ spiritual development is outstanding. They learn important values such as forgiveness and of supporting one another in very well managed assemblies.”

School Nurse:

“As a school nurse I have always found the staff at St Andrew’s to be very pro-active in seeking and providing the best available support for the pupils and their families in terms of safeguarding children, social issues and health promotion. The school as a whole actively works hand in hand with outside partner agencies to provide pupils and their families with a strong pastoral care. This is illustrated by the fact that older pupils are more than willing to return time and time again to the school to offer some voluntary contributions.”