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We have 20 places for 2-3 year olds. Parents are invited to fill in an application form after their child turns 2.  If places are available parents will be contacted by a member of staff. Children whom are entitled to the government funded 15 hours will only become eligible the term after they are 2 (see table below). But there is an option for parents to start their child earlier if they wish to pay, until the funding is becomes available.

A child born on or between You can apply from Your child can access a place from
1st April and 31st August 1st April 1st September
1st September and 31st December 1st September 1st January
1st January and 31st March 1st January 1st April

Parents can choose the sessions they would like their child to attend. Providing we have space we are very flexible. There is also a breakfast and 2s club which operates outside of our school hours. The table below shows our prices and session times.

  Cost per session
Breakfast Club (7.45am-9am) £3.50
A.M. Session (9.00am-12.00pm) £15.00
P.M. Session (12.15pm-3.15pm) £15.00
2s Club (3.15pm – 6pm) £9.00
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