Miss Davies

I graduated from Edge Hill University in 2012, where I completed a Primary Teaching degree with Literacy as my specialism. After graduating, I began working as a Supply Teacher; which allowed me to work in a variety of different primary schools, within all year groups. This is my third year at St Andrew’s and my second full year in Year 5, as I took over at Easter 2015. Also, I have just taken over as English Subject leader.

Out of school, I enjoy reading, music, crafts, art, going on nature walks and majorette dancing. I have decided to start a Creative club for art, crafts and writing to put my hobbies to good use within school!

I am a great believer in allowing pupils to achieve their full potential and will give my best to enable them to do so, in a fun yet challenging learning environment.

Year 5

We are very fortunate in Year 5 to have the assistance of Mrs Proctor this year.

Our topics for the rest of the school year are:

A United Kingdom – Looking at Anglo Saxons through History and where they settled in Geography. We will also be creating Anglo Saxon shields and huts in Art, as well as listening to British national anthems in Music.

Food, Glorious Food! – We will be looking at food from around the world and how it is transported in Geography. In Art we will be looking at a variety of still life artists and developing our sketch books. We will also be tasting food from around the world and be creating our own food product for celebration as well as looking at food and material changes in Science.

Earthlings – In this topic we will be doing a lot of work on how the Earth rotates and orbits whilst looking at other planets, the sun and the moon. In Music, we will be creating out of this world sounds using special effects. Also, in Art, we will be looking at abstract artists to create our own abstract planet paintings.

Amazon Adventure – Discovering South America and the Amazon Rainforest whilst looking at the Amazon basin, life cycles and plants, print making and collage, Amazonian sounds, debate and stories from other cultures.

Inventors and Inventions – In Design and Technology we will be creating a vehicle with motors and in Science we will be looking at friction, forces and motions. Additionally, in Music we will be looking at how instruments are made and we will be making our own!

Faster, Higher, Stronger – Looking at Ancient Greece and how they developed sport, growth and development of humans including exercise and the circulatory system, figure drawing and 3D sculptures, Greek myths, reports and poems.

We have an exciting year planned where we wish parents to partner with us along our learning journey.


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