Head Boy & Girl

Head Boy and Girl

We are delighted to announce that our Head Girl and Boy for this school year are Rebecca Hargreaves and Finley Ellis. They are currently in Year 6 and have given their comments on how they felt when they were presented with this very special role:

Rebecca Hargreaves

My name is Rebecca and I am 10 years old. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, particularly my siblings. I have been the closest of acquaintances with the head boy (Finley) since the beginning of school and I am hoping that that these roles will improve our team working skills. When I was elected, the first thought that ran through my head was that I was dreaming! I never thought I would have such responsibility and honour resting on my shoulders. I am excited to take on the responsibility of head girl and I truly believe I can take on all the new challenges and with my best friend, Finley.

Finley Ellis

My name is Finley Ellis and I’m 10 years old. It has been my dream to be head boy and it’s such an honour to have so much responsibility. I am so glad the teachers chose me to be a role model to younger children My journey through St Andrew’s has been an amazing adventure and I’m glad it’s not over yet. I am happy to be working with Rebecca (head girl) and I am looking forward to the new challenges we will face together.